Strong Foundation for Higher Education

As a homeschool parent of six children, who have all progressed through Mrs. Odell’s classes, I have often said that she is one of my top resources for homeschooling. Applying what they learned in her classes, two of my children each received six college credits for English through CLEP. One of my daughters earned her B.A. degree in Humanities and was well equipped when she recently taught English as a long-term substitute at a highly accredited private school.

Apparently, Mary’s outstanding reputation has spread to other homeschool families in neighboring counties. At the 2019 FPEA Homeschool Convention, I met people from all over the state. One mom, new to homeschooling, asked for curriculum suggestions. At my referral to use IEW, I also mentioned that we have the privilege of attending weekly classes with a wonderful, sweet, and gifted teacher in our area. Without my mention of Mary’s name or location, the young mom asked me, “Is this by any chance in Geneva? I keep hearing about her.” Surprisingly, even in St. Cloud and Poinciana, news of Mary Odell’s exceptional teaching of IEW has spread. Families are willing to carpool once each week from over an hour away in order to tap into this blessing.

While the IEW curriculum is foundational for our personal family’s homeschool, it would have had only a fraction of the impact had it not been for Mary Odell’s classroom experience. She warmly welcomes families to enjoy the beauty of the rural setting of her home. Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her knowledge is extensive. Her teaching style is endearing. Because Mary has dynamically taught the IEW method so successfully, each of my kids possesses an extremely strong foundation in writing and grammar.

–Jeri (parent)