I Love the Setting and the Teaching

Blue skies, a farm and farm animals, and Mrs. Mary make a perfect setting to learn how to be a skillful writer.  I love walking into Mary’s silent living room right before class is about to start.  As the rest of students enter, the sounds of in the room increase as we quickly take out our Nose Tree homework from our notebooks.  In a calm space she shares our writing.  Patiently, she introduces the next new skill such as; dress ups, strong verbs, quality adjectives, who which clauses, ly words, and adverbial clauses. Mrs. Mary really knows how to explain the new skills in the simplistic way possible which helps us to understand the material better. Mrs. Mary is funny.  She loves reading. I love listening to her.  I am so glad that out of the millions of teachers I could have experienced, I got Mrs. Mary Odell.

–Noah (student)