2022-2023 Course Offerings

Registration will begin February 1, 2022. Priority registration will be given to existing families until March 1, 2022. Class tuition and fees for the 2022-2023 year are a non-refundable registration fee of $50 (or $70 for a family) and $450 for the year, which can be paid monthly in ten payments of $45.

If you are interested in any course, please complete a registration form and send it to me with your registration fee.  Keep in mind that I do not reserve a spot for a student unless I have a completed registration form and a registration fee.  

Class times will be determined later and based on applications received between now and April 1.   I will only offer a course if there are seven students registered by May 31. The maximum class size is twelve.  Once a class is full, I will place students on a waitlist. No registration fees are deposited until we know that the class has adequate enrollment and the schedule is possible for your family.

Courses will meet at my home in Geneva. For families who are a bit further away, carpooling may be an option.  I also have 20 acres, a porch, and a separate “study” area if you would like to stay during class.

Class List:

Beginning IEW: (Grades 4-6) This beginning course takes students new to IEW through the basic structural units, while introducing stylistic techniques incrementally. The foundational material will be IEW’s Structure and Style for Students year 1, with supplemental lessons to round out the year. All students need to purchase is the student book. Grammar will be the Fix-it Grammar program by Pamela White.

Medieval History Based Writing Lessons: (Grades 6-9) From the Anglo-Saxons to the Renaissance, from chivalrous knights to Genghis Khan, students will improve their knowledge of medieval times while learning to write with structure and style. As they do, they will work through IEW’s units in order, with stylistic techniques introduced gradually. Additionally, as time allows, we will continue putting good language in so we can get good language out. A portion of every class will be spent listening to and discussing literature selections. Keyboarding skills or a parent typist are recommended.

Modern World History-Based Writing Lessons: (Grades 7-11)  CLASS FULL (Waitlist available) Excellent course for 7-9th graders with prior IEW experience or high school students with no prior IEW experience. Using the IEW lessons by Lori Verstegen, 7th to 11th-grade students will improve their composition skills while learning about important events and people around the globe. This yearlong course explores world history from Gutenberg to twenty-first-century technology. Grammar is the Fix-it program by Pamela White.  Additionally, we will continue putting good language in so we can get good language out.  A portion of every class will be spent listening to and discussing literature.  All work must be typed. WAITLIST -1

Honors English A – Intro to Literature:  (Grades 9-12 or instructor permission)  CLASS FULL (Waitlist available). Prior IEW experience recommended. Building on the skills from earlier IEW courses, this course provides an in-depth introduction to literary analysis and writing skills using the book Windows to the World by Lesha Meyers.  Students will learn the key elements of literature and the techniques used by authors to accomplish great writing.  In the process, students will develop critical thinking and analysis skills and then organize their analysis into well-constructed essays.  Students will apply these skills first to short stories and then to three novels over the course of the year.  Grammar is the Fix-it program by Pamela White. All submitted work must be typed.

Honors English B: Advanced U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons: (Grades 9-12 or instructor permission) While writing about U.S. history topics from Explorers to Modern Times, students will develop advanced writing skills such as thesis statements, MLA format, persuasive essays, research papers, literary analysis essays, and more.  The course is an excellent option to take concurrently with U.S. History, or students desiring to hone their writing and thinking skills in an engaging and challenging course. The literature portion of the course builds on the concepts introduced in Windows to the World, and will focus on works by American authors.  The curriculum includes a grammar portion but assumes a solid foundation in grammar, usage, and punctuation.  All submitted work must be typed.